\TimeZoneComp in Medley 1.15 on Sparcstation 1 running SunOS 4.1

\TimeZoneComp in Medley 1.15 on Sparcstation 1 running SunOS 4.1

Post by Arun Wel » Fri, 13 Jul 1990 02:19:14

[Found the problem with info-1100, life seems to have returned to
normal again... I'm sending out the messages that stacked up when
things were down. ...arun]

Is there anyone else running the configuration of Medley 1.15 on a
Sun Sparcstation 1 which is running SunOS 4.1?

With that setup, the variable \TimeZoneComp gets reset to 0 each time
I start the sysout.  It works fine with SunOS 4.0.3c however.

If anyone can give me any input into this problem, please let me know.


--Tak Ariga


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