Docucolor 12

Docucolor 12

Post by Alan Bel » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 03:40:18

I am considering acquiring a Docucolor 12 and am trying to make a decision
1. Lease from Xerox
2. Purchase from Xerox
3. Purchase from a third party, e.g., private party, used equipment dealer,

If I purchase from a third party, I understand that Xerox will need to
examine the machine before it can be put under a several contact. Are they
generally fair about that? Or do they charge up the *or find
unconscionable excuses for not putting an otherwise okay machine under
service contract? That is, do they stick it to you because you didn't get
the machine from them? Would the service contact I would get on a used
machine be a flat monthly fee or would it include click charges? Would it
include consumables such as toner and drums?


1. Xerox Docucolor 12 needs a new home

My print shop is going out of business. We have a barely-used Xerox
Docucolor 12 with a Splash RIP with 29 months left on our lease. We're
in New
York City. If anyone in the area is interested in either taking over
the lease,
or buying at a bit less than the normal retail price,
Contact me by phone: 347-922-5505

All deals will be with the direct involvement and cooperation of our
local Xerox sales office.


Paul Winkler

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