Print quality problem - please help troubleshoot

Print quality problem - please help troubleshoot

Post by Roy N » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 03:49:39

Lately I'm having problems with uneven output with my Tektronix Phaser 740.

The left and right edges of the page are lighter than the middle - when I
run a print test you could say there are thin white streaks running
vertically along the page in the areas where the print density is too light.
This is true for all colors. And forget grayscale printing, sometimes it is
practically imperceptible even in the center of the page.

I've tried two different fusers (with two different fuser rolls). I've
cleaned the transfer roller. I've tried using different meida sources. I've
tried different media types. My charge grid is just a few months old. All my
toner cartridges have been replaced within the last six months. Consumables
page reports 40% remaining on my imagining unit.

What on earth is going on here? Is there anything else I can do??? Seems
like I've tried just about everything.

I have a major project coming on and I need my printer to work. SOON!



Print quality problem - please help troubleshoot

Post by Mark Derbyshir » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:55:02

Roy N. came forth with the following in

Quote:> I've tried different media types. My charge grid is just a few months old

!!!!  i've known corotrons to lasts a few days - change it

If it's on all colours bearing in mind that I don't know this particular
product it's usually related to a component that's common to all colours ie
IBT, drum, fuser, 2nd BTR, HAK, ATA etc

PS. you *will* notice more print quality problems when producing colour
than black and white



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