Post by Tim Bradsh » Sat, 12 May 1990 12:00:46

[1186, Medley 1.0].

Does anyone know if VMEM.PURE.STATE is meant to work?  I do this:


<Fill the VM with junk>


<reboot machine>

What happens next seems to vary, but typically the machine rapidly
goes into garbage-collection (or at least the curesor inverts) and
stays there indefinitely.  There is no sign of disk activity.


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Post by Bryan Walls--One cool fro » Sun, 13 May 1990 00:52:25

::      Does anyone know if VMEM.PURE.STATE is meant to work?

I've had pretty good luck with it, despite warnings to the contrary.  What I
do is
(il:vmem.pure.state t)
--returns "nil", which was the previous state
and save virtual memory from the background menu.  Once that is done, logging
out doesn't work any more, so I can hit the reset button or turn off the machingWhen it reboots, it comes in the same state as when I did the save.  I've even
been able to do

(il:vmem.pure.state nil)

<change environment to new state>

(il:vmem.pure.state t)

save virtual memory again, and have a new state.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my query -- despite the typo
whereby I said I was doing (VMEM.PURE.STATE) when I was really doing
(VMEM.PURE.STATE T)!  The problem is now solved:  It seems that some
piece of code in the machine was fouling things up:  even after
setting VMEM.PURE.STATE, it would let me logout, but then fail to come
back in a particularly nasty way.  At the time, I was trying to
compile PCL; I've given that up, and now everything is fine.

And now another question: it seems that SEdit's formatting is
controlled by the function GET-FORMAT, which is SETF-able.  Thus I can

    (setf (sedit::get-format 'if)
       '(:indent (2) :inline t :args (:keyword nil)))

To get the sort of formatting I like for IF.  Question: does there
exist any description of the full syntax of the formatting
expressions?  I've not been able to find one in the manuals, and it's
fairly painful trying to work it out by example.


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