>>Save my old friends from Nirvana!<<

>>Save my old friends from Nirvana!<<

Post by Gilbert T. Groe » Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have three XEROX 1108/1109 workstations that need
a quick rescue.  They are set up for artificial
intelligence applications and development.  Loaded
with Xerox Interlisp-D and Lyric (also common Lisp).
They are in excellent condition and I hate to part with
them, but I need the room.  They are big heavy duty
behemoths and will probably outlast any PC built today.
They cost thousands new but I will sacrifice them for
any kind of a half way reasonable offer.  Also a XEROX
8044 laser printer with workstation-server.  The 1108/1109's
weight around 150# with monitor and keyboard so they
would have to be picked up or shippped via padded van
(ie. United Van Service).  These machines were the
origin of GUI's and as such deserve a proper place in
a museum of computer history or I am sure they will
provide many happy hours of use to a XEROX affectionado

Gil Groehn

Grosse Pointe Farms, MICH 48236 USA             (313) 884-1139


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