Booklet printing with Dc490 and Professional Finish

Booklet printing with Dc490 and Professional Finish

Post by Hans Mülle » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 02:55:38


two problems again with brochures (booklets) and DC490:

I want to print a DIN A5-brochure (148 x 210 mm) on DC490 with Professional
The document ist a Word-file, the page-size is already DIN A5.

-I can print it, but the machine always wants to use the paper with the long
side first
--> so I can make a brochure, but not fold it with the Professional

-It works fine when the page-size is DIN A4 (in word).

What can I do?

b) I realised that the machine (or the driver) does not exaktly reduce the
paper-size e.g.
o 71% when making a booklet. So the content of the page is not exaktly in
the middle.
--> It is better to print single-pages and then making brochures by copying
them. So it
makes not sense to use a "ST" machine longer; it is better to use a "DC"
single copier

c) By the way: I use an PCL-driver because with the German PS-driver for
Windows XP the
booklet-making-functions are not available.



1. DC490 Professional Finisher


has anybody here experience with the new "Professional Finisher"
(100sheet-stapling, borschure making, folding) for DC490??

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