ds8000c scanner

ds8000c scanner

Post by Bianc » Sat, 02 Aug 2003 15:57:36

Has someone worked on scanners like Avision DS8000C?
The scanner works with Phaser too. Does it work fine? Scanning to PC, direct
to printer, etc. Is it as quick/usable as dealer says?

Does someone know other scanner producers, I mean scanners like B/W or
color, 45 - 60 scans per minute, with or without ADF, B4-A3 format.



1. Old Scanners vs. New Scanners

I have just recently dusted off my "old scanner," an HP IIcx, with the plan
to learn how to use it and then to do that (use it I mean).  I went through
the hardware and software upgrades for Win98 and found some stuff to read
about scanners and scanning (I highly recommend Wayne Fulton's book), with
the full intent to buy a newer generation scanner after I knew more and
could take advantage of the improvements that had undoubtedly come with the
newer machines.  But after reading and "learning" (I hope) I wonder if there
is any real advantage to the newer machines.  The HP IIcx will scan at 600
dpi or less, but as near as I can tell the scanning resolution is set by
selecting the object to be scanned (B&W, Color Picture, etc.) and is a
software function.  Is the difference that is anticipated (because of the
newer generation) more a function of the software evolution than the
hardware?  HP's website offers that by upgrading to the newer software for
the IIcx that it will have all the functionality of its newest line, the
6100's.  Any comments from some of the veterans who haunt these halls?

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