Buffer via DDE

Buffer via DDE

Post by Miguel Dia » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I'm developing an application with ArcView and Network Analyst, Map Objects
and MO Internet Map Server.
The application is running on the web and the user selects two points to
create a route. I issue a request via DDE to AV with Network Analyst that
returns a Polyline (the route) into a file defined by point coordinates.
Since in java I can't control the thickness of a line, I buffered the route
(in AV) and returned the buffer instead of the line, and then draw a polygon
in java.
The problem is that to create the buffer takes sometimes 5 or 6 seconds, and
to calculate the route it take less than a second. Result the request made
by the MO application via DDE timesout...
I tried to create two lines and shift them in oposite directions, but in
some places the polygon self intersects and the result is quite awfull...
Any ideas?!

Thank you

Miguel Dias

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1. doing buffered RPC via clnt_call: how to do a buffer flush?


   at the university I am trying to write a fast client/server application
using RPC (tcp mode).
For this I am trying to force RPC to buffer RPC calls which do not need a return
value locally at the client. This should greatly increase the speed of
my application as I do not have to wait for the servers response at every call.

I have figured out to use the buffered clnt_call
   (see RPCs clnt_tcp.c:
      * TCP based RPC supports 'batched calls'.
      * A sequence of calls may be batched-up in a send buffer.  The rpc call
      * return immediately to the client even though the call was not necessaril
      * sent.  The batching occurs if the results' xdr routine is NULL (0) AND
      * the rpc timeout value is zero (see clnt.h, rpc).
This buffers the RPC locally at the client, but seem not send the RPC call
to the server regulary.

My question:

  How do I force RPC to send the buffer contents from the client to the server?
  (how do I flush the buffer).

Any hint is appreciated.

Many thanks.

-- Birgit

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