3D Analyst VRML enhance

3D Analyst VRML enhance

Post by Eric » Wed, 16 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I want to find some script/ tool, which can create the URL linkage for the
object in the VRML enviroment.
and It can easy to map the texture onto the polygon face.



1. will 3D Analyst benefit from 3D graphics cards?

I don't think this is as daft a question as it may first look!  

I can't see any information on the ESRI web page about whether
3D Analyst does or can make use of OpenGL or Direct3D or whatever  
for its 3D rendering.  On my admittedly very limited understanding  
of the way these things work, if the application does not make use
of the 3D API provided by OpenGL or DirectX, the video cards
hardware accelleration of 3D rendering is not used.  

We are about to upgrade the video card in our Arcview machine so
I'm wondering how much to invest.  

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