Convert Long And Lat

Convert Long And Lat

Post by edi » Sat, 06 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've been racking my brain for some way to convert Long and Lat to Lamberts
 X & Y coords The Shape File is in lamberts. I want to be able to add a
point to the shape file using DD and then convert it to lamberts then add
the point.

76.456345   36.345243
273255.3     42790.5

as far as I know there is no command in arcview to convert this. If anyone
knows otherwise or has a formula
I would be forever greatful.

Mike Cannon


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Hello To All:
    at my work we get a lot of USA tickets(under ground alert service)
in which we have to locate for our facilities. the tickets do have lat
long information as to the location of the activity.  Our GIS map is in
NAD83 zone california zone III.

I hope I can Find the following.....
-  An avenue code that takes the nad27 long lat and converts it   to
nad83 long lat
-  An avenue code that takes the nad83 cords and convert it to nothing
and easting.

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