TopTen GIS Events of 2000

TopTen GIS Events of 2000

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It's the end of year again.  It's the time to list the best of the year
just passed.  What was the best GIS Magazine?  The most hyped
technology?  The most overrated release?  Check out TenLinks' picks:

And if you are looking to use GIS in new ways check out lists of sites

GIS and Archaeology

GIS and Golf

GIS and History

Happy New Year!

Adena Schutzberg
Mapping/GIS Editor
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1. Event ID 7 in Windows 2000 Server Event-Log


i recive the following Error-Message in the Event-Log of my Windows
2000 Domain Controller (Service Pack 3):

Event ID: 7
Source: KDC
Type: Error
User: N/A
Category: None

The Security Account Manager faild a KDC request in an unexpected way.
The error is in the data field. The account name was are some
"hiroglyphes".... then the Messange continues with... and lookup type

I have looked around in the MSKB but I found nothing.

Could anybody help me??


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