SDE,CAD client & 3D data

SDE,CAD client & 3D data

Post by Michael Ginzbur » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi, all!

Have anybody any experience on storing in and retrieving AutoCAD
drawings from SDE? Especially what happens with 3D data ( 3DPOLY )?


1. SDE CAD Client 'for MicroStation'

 does anybody know...

how this product supports application development in Microstation?
does it add some more functions to mdl or will it use some dlm-solution?
how much one have to make his own custom code to....
1) make a connection to SDE Server?
2) 'save' current design file to a database?
3) make spatial query from the database and get the geometery back to a
4) customize one of the loaded elements and update all the stuff back to
the database?

what's the support concerning spatial data stored in SDE by other software?
e.g can Microstation create elements from SDE-geometry created by ArcView
or by some own custom c-app?

Any Info appreciated.

Henry Kiikka

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