dpr files, How to edit

dpr files, How to edit

Post by Luis Perei » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 21:20:17

I have  a certain number of files with the dpr extension. As i know it
is a format read only of microstation.

With the files came a aplication to see and print but is very limited
and  ineffective.

I am looking for a best application to see and edit this files and, if
possible, export to another application as Arcview.

Some Help?


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I'm using VIM on a WinXP machine and I would like edit files in a
shared directory on another machine (e.g \\othermachine\shareddir).
The only problem is that the connection is slow and it appears VIM
accesses the original file after every command/letter I type. Each
keystroke results in ~2k communication to the other machine.

I was wondering if there is any way to tell VIM to cache the file and
only read/write to it when I want to  load/save.  I have set my swap
to a local directory (and swap files do show up there)?

Any help would be appreciated.

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