newbie UTM question

newbie UTM question

Post by Tim Obre » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:19:53

I have a *.dbf dataset with the UTM coordinates for a select number of lakes
in Maine. I would like to display them as a simple distribution map.  Is
this possible with the maps that come with ArcView?  Any help on how to
accomplish this would be appreciated.  Thanks.



newbie UTM question

Post by Jimj » Sun, 24 Dec 2000 23:27:24

To add the UTM points first add the table from the main menu - open a view from
the view menu select add event theme. Click the dbf file with the UTM
coordinates. For the X field select the easting coordinate (the smaller number
on the dbf). For the Y field select the Northing coordinates. Click OK. The map
should now have the dbf file in the TOC, click to select it then Zoom to
selected. You can then covert the file to a shape file.

The UTM coordinates for Maine will be in Meters, UTM Zone 19, check which datum
they are in, NAD 83 or NAD 27. To overlay other data such as ortho photos or
topo maps go to the MAine GIS clearinghouse at:
Note: the data on the site may be in Maine state plain coordinates (not sure)
so you may have to use the projection utility to reproject from UTM to State
Plain. You can also try overlaying on the data that comes with arcview but
again you may have to re-project (not sure of coordinate system the ArcView
themes are in).


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