Projection from DD to UTM

Projection from DD to UTM

Post by Michael Schnirc » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 02:16:22


I have a DEM of South America in Decimal Degrees and base maps 1:250000 in
UTM Zone 18 south. Is it sensible to project the DEM to UTM coordinates or
do I better do it the other way round?




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Hi All,

I'm using ArcView 3.2 and I'm have difficulties with projections.  I
have received some files from a Federal Agency, some in .shp others
in .e00 format.  When I converted the .e00 files, I ended up with
choices of polygon, arc, labelpoint, annotation, and route.xxxx, all in
one .shp folder.  However, the .shp and converted .e00 files don't
align correctly.  The larger problem though is when I try to use the AV
Projection Utility, I get an error message saying that the file (the
converted .e00) "cannot be loaded because of an incompatibility problem
with the file format or projection information.  The file will be
skipped."  So, how am I supposed to get these files to project/align

Thanks again,

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