Cutting out the picture with ActiveX Connector on ArcIMS

Cutting out the picture with ActiveX Connector on ArcIMS

Post by bv.. » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:04:58


I have several (3 or more) different points and
fixed screen size. Is there a way for ArcIMS to
return the right scale to show all points on
screen? There are 5 different scales represented
with 5 different TIFF image maps on ArcIMS.

Borut Vovk
Eon d.o.o. - Eon Mobile

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Has anyone out there run across or know the connector pin outs for the
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information is not on SOYO's web site nor is it in any of their
manuals. Contacting SOYO-USA was a waste of time. They refused to
supply either the harness connectors (which were missing from the
package I purchased) or the information whereby I could fabricate my
own. SOYO's attitude and service disposition was that it is against
their "policy" to disseminate this information (according to the
e-mail I received from them). This is merely the type of information
that is or at least was usually included in other manufacturer's
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anyone can help out, I'd appreciate the effort.


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