AV Help Populating Values from one Attribute Table to Another

AV Help Populating Values from one Attribute Table to Another

Post by RSanto » Sat, 06 Jan 2001 03:04:06

I have the following AV Script that creates a bounding box shapefile from
the top left and bottom right x and y values (4 fields in a point attibute
table).  I want to include fields and their values from the point shapefile
as a fields in the new one. If I can get just one field over, I can do a
relational join or link, but I am stuck with get even one field over.   Any
ideas?  Thanks

Ron Santos

'AV Script to take Upper Left and Lower Right coordinate fields in a point
shp and create
'bounding boxes (poly shp) from them
theVtab=av.GetProject.FindDoc("Attributes of Inven_test.shp").GetVtab
  for each rec in theVtab
    lx=theVtab.ReturnValue(theTLx, rec)
    ly=theVTab.ReturnValue(theTLy, rec)
    rx=theVtab.ReturnValue(theBRx, rec)
    ry=theVtab.ReturnValue(theBRy, rec)
    theField = theTheme.GetFTab.FindField("Shape")
    rec = theTheme.GetFTab.AddRecord
    theTheme.GetFTab.SetValue(theField, rec, p)


1. Link many attributes in one table to one attribute in

A easy way to handle this:

create table marble
    id     int4 primary key,
    color1 int4,
    color2 int4,
    color3 int4

create table color
    id     int4,
    desc   text

color1, color2, and color3 point to the id in color table.

This way you can expand your color table indefinitely.

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