AV: reference a raster

AV: reference a raster

Post by max » Wed, 17 Jan 2001 00:08:40

I have to reference a color raster of a geological map with the warp
extension of the spatial analyst with ArcView 3.1.

I created a TIF file (RGB, 8bit, 150 dpi) of the map. I set the "from
view" and the "to view", and I took the reference point.
Before starting the warp comand I converted my map to grid and here is
my problem:
when I start this conversion AV ask me if I want to convert all bands.
If I answer "yes" it give me 3 grid (one for each band: RGB). If I
answer "no" I have to chose one of the band.
So how can I obtain a color raster map referenced? Is there a way to
join the 3 bands or to have a grid without splitting in different bands?

I tried also to use CMYK TIF but when I convert to grid it split the
image in 4 bands.

Ciao, thanx in advance for your help.