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1) Has anyone successfully added ArcIMS capability into Arcview 3.2 for
Unix, to replace the old internet map server mapcafe product? ESRI has a
whitepaper at
explaining how this can be done. My question is, what capability if anything
does this buy you, as opposed to going the complete install route of the
ArcIMS application and converting our existing Arcview 3.2 projects into

I have a gripe with the old Mapcafe product that I hope is fixed in the new
ArcIMS product. My gripe is:

When a web user loads a Internet Map server enabled Arcview 3.2 view in
his/her web browser using the hotlink feature (lightning bolt), a exact
click centered on the point object is required to make that hotlink jump.
Has anyone seen this drawback? Its a real pain, the requires the user click
with 2-3 pixels of the exact point to work. As a example, we use ships icons
to populate our maps indicating where they are located in the world, and hot
linking clicks generate a cold fusion report of their contents. And it turn
out that the web user must clink on this ship only in a exact certain
location to allow the hot link to work. Most annoying. Does anyone have a
work around that they can share, or better yet, will the new ArcIMS correct



Dave Mitchell
CSC Corp.


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I have several (3 or more) different points and
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Borut Vovk
Eon d.o.o. - Eon Mobile

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