Area calculations in ARC/INFO

Area calculations in ARC/INFO

Post by Lisa Schwar » Mon, 11 Dec 2000 11:16:44

I want to calculate areas using data that are currently in the Polar
Stereographic projection (not an equal-area projection).  I was
wondering if ARC/INFO calculates areas using the defined projection or
if the program compensates for the unequal-area projection and
calculates a correct area.  Basically, do I have to change to another
projection, such as Lambert Azimuthal, to get correct area output?  The
data crosses the 180 degree line and I have a lot of data, so changing
projections would take some extra work I would like to avoid.



1. What is the difference between Arc/Info, ArcView, and PC Arc/Info?

I have heard about the effect of switching between single and double
precision and also problems with the inherent inaccuracies in the shapefile.
I would like to identify the underlying differences in the stucture and
format of the data, rather that the differences in the user interface (ie
aml v. avenue, pc v unix, etc..)  I would like to present an argument to
upgrade from PC Arc/Info to ArcInfo v.8.

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