Updating Links

Updating Links

Post by Rich Gree » Mon, 20 Nov 2000 14:14:31

We will be updating our Links page http://www.har-indy.com/Links.html on
December 15th and would be interested in any suggestions both for links to
related and informative sites in any of the categories currently listed, as
well as, suggestions for new categories.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.  Please excuse cross-postings.


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1. Update link dialog appears though there are no links


I encounter the following problem each time I open a specific document:

each time upon opening I get am told that there are links to other
documents and asked if I want to update them. Only - as far as I can tell
- there are no links. I can search in the formula on the sheet for any
links, I can look up the "Links..." - Command in the "Edit"-Menu
This "feature" occured when I moved sheets from another workbook (when
there still were links to update) to this one. Did I forget anything?

Thanks for your help
Gangolf Haub
LION Gesellschaft fuer Systementwicklung mbH

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