Answering my own question (USGS DEM)

Answering my own question (USGS DEM)

Post by Rob Erskin » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 02:52:51

In a previous post, I described a problem with importing USGS DEMs.  I have
found that if you have a directory in your path to the .DEM file that
contains a space in it, then the file will not import and you receive this

"GRD ERROR - Syntax error at or near symbol))"

Because I was naming my directories based upon the USGS quad names, I
originally thought the problem came with having a space in the quad name.



1. IDL Procedure to read/write USGS DEMs

I am working on integrating topographic data at various spatial
resolutions within a single
USGS 7.5 minute DEM.  This requires changing the data structure for a
DEM to
handle sections of variable resolution.

Does anyone know of an existing IDL procedure that reads or writes USGS
(DEM = digital elevation model).  If so, I would like to use it as a
starting point.


John Brock

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