Shape file header description

Shape file header description

Post by mfh at wor » Sat, 06 Jan 2001 01:20:18

according to ESRI shapefile technical description document, the main
file header looks like the following:

Byte Position    Field             Value     Type         Order
Byte 0              File Code      9994     Integer       Big

What is the meaning of the Value 9994 field, is there any other
alternatives ?
I encountered a shape file with a 9997 value in this field what could
that be ?

thanks for your help



1. header description of DbfNtx and DbfCdx Files


my answer of my question: "...the header description of DbfNtx and DbfCdx

1.Byte,29.Byte: in Hex

   1.Byte 29.Byte      RDD-Driver  Ansi
is 03       00   then  DBFNTX      False
is 03       02   then  DBFCDX      False
is 03       03   then  DBFDCX      True
is 07       03   then  DBFNTX      True


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