Unioning Grids with the Mosaic function...

Unioning Grids with the Mosaic function...

Post by angel » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 16:57:31

I have to union several Grids and i tried to use the Mosaic Function of
GRID. All the input Grids have 5 units cells. The output Grid have much
larger cells (530.000 units cell). Why? How can i union/combine grids
having an output with the same resolution?
Thanks in advance

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1. mosaic grid datasets in AV3?

I may be missing something in documentation, etc. but I was wondering
if there is a tool/procedure to mosaic grid datasets, specifically
four sections of DTM data, under Spatial Analyst 1.0a/AV3.0a or if it
is possible using an Avenue script (the latter I'm trying to avoid as
the analysis of the data is more important to me than the joys of
debugging code at this particular point in time).

Kelly Crowell
School of Geography and Oceanography
University College, Australian Defence Force Academy

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