GIS on the www

GIS on the www

Post by labt » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:42:38

What is the best way to build a simple GIS enabled software on the WWW.
Be simple I mean, one map coverarge that needs to be connected to query
one database. I did something like this using VB/MapObjects LT. How
about the same thing on the www.

thanks for your help




I'm interested in implementing a GIS system. We haven't purchased anything
as yet. I'm learning what I can about SAS/GIS through tutorials on the web
and about ESRI/GIS through a tutorial they provided. For those that don't
know, the founder of ESRI apparently developed the whole idea of GIS and
that company specializes in it. I went to a sales pitch for ESRI/GIS and the
person giving the intro was knowledgeable but didn't know much about
importing data from SAS (or other packages for that matter)/ platform
interfaces and other more "technical" stuff. I'm not only interested in the
physical representations, but in being able to manipulate the input
according to various statistical distribution assumptions.


1. Is SAS/GIS a good bang for the buck (man, they make you pay for a lot of
other things to be able to use GIS-----but, hey, that's SAS.)
2. Has anyone used both SAS/GIS and ESRI/GIS enough to give me plusses and



Darryl Bertolucci
District of Columbia Department of Health
HIV/AIDS Administration

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