GIS grads and GIS Job Opportunities

GIS grads and GIS Job Opportunities

Post by GeoCommunit » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

The following GIS jobs have been posted in the GeoCareer Center

~ GIS research assistant, San Salvador Island,Bahamas
~ GRADUATE STUDIES, Newfoundland
~ Geographer, Sunnyvale, CA
~ GIS Database Administrator, Knoxville, TN
~ Senior GIS Programmer, Knoxville, TN
~ Sr. GIS Consultant, Sacramento,
~ VB GIS analyst see posting

We've also began posting resumes from some of the latest skilled
GIS grads coming out of Colleges accross the country.

The GeoCommunity

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1. AM/FM/GIS Job Opportunity

POSITION:  AML and VB Programmers for AM/FM/GIS
Company:   Mesa Solutions, Inc.

Location:  Huntsville, AL  35807
Contact:   Tom Counts
Phone:     (256) 864-0400
Fax:       (256) 864-0251

We are Mesa Solutions, Inc. a premier AM/FM/GIS (Automated
Mapping, Facilities Management, Geographical Information
Systems) development company in Huntsville, AL.  We are
open system integrators looking for people to design,
develop, and manage software projects.

We develop applications that run on top of ESRI Arc/Info,
VISION*, MicroStation, and AutoCad.  Those applications
are written in AML, VB, C, C++, MDL, ARX, GML, et. al.
To build intelligence into the model, we create a hook
into Oracle using spatial technology to associate
attribution and "object rules" to the facilities.

We travel a bit, we work hard, we have a lot of fun.  Our
work environment is one I've not seen matched in this
industry.  We have a large Huntsville office, 32 employees,
and limitless opportunities for advancement and personal
growth.  We consider providing avenues for personal growth
one of the primary focuses of the company.  As long as our
assets (the people) can continue to grow and expand their
personal worth (financial and intellectual), they will be
fruitful and contribute to the success of the company.  
Mesa maintain's a training matrix of employee skills and
constantly looks for holes and opportunities for training
and development.  One will never become stale or stuck in
an old programming slot at Mesa.

Our benefits:  

   Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance with NO employee
   contribution regardless of dependants

   Prescription Drug Card

   401K plan with Fidelity offering 6 investment plans

   Stock Options in the company based on performance

   Life Insurance double your salary

   Additional available life insurance at a
   significantly reduced rate

   11 paid holidays

   As a new company, our benefits are always improving
   and growing.

We are hiring for immediate opportunities. Please contact

for further information.

Mesa Solutions, Inc. provides equal employment opportunity
for qualified candidates without discrimination because of
race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age,
disability or veteran status.

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