Vector Maps on CD

Vector Maps on CD

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George for Windows 95/NT
(New Version now with output options for DXF, CGM, Landmark Metafile,

Generate base maps for any area of the World in minutes for only
300.00 ($500.00)  !

George is an easy to use Windows 95/NT application to generate digital
or hardcopy maps from a global geographic vector database derived from
the Digital Chart of the World. Map features include coastlines, land
and sea cover, urban areas, rivers, lakes, drainage, roads, railways,
utilities, pipelines, contours, airports etc.  Text includes up to
date country names, cities, towns, rivers, lakes, bays, mountain
ranges, plus other geographical features (you can also add your own

The application allows the user to select any area of the world, build
up and view a map on their screen. The map can then be exported to a
file (DXF, CGM, XGEO, Landmark Metafile etc.) or printed onto any
Windows printer or large format plotter (A4/letter to full colour A0
maps).  If you have the Adobe PDF printer driver/writer then make a
PDF file from George.  

All the data and application is supplied on ONE CD-ROM. The data on
the CD-ROM is held in geographic co-ordinates so you can select and
output the exact area you require.  The polygons within the exported
file are closed to the extent of this defined area.  Therefore if a
polygon overlaps the edge of the map you will not get the full polygon
nor loose any polygons.  You can apply a number of
projections/spheroids or output in geographic co-ordinates.  

Currently you can output to DXF, CGM certain ASCII files (such as
XGEO, Landmark Metafile) and several graphics formats (BMP, JPG etc.).
If you require further output options please contact us.

- Very easy to use (full zoom tools, country selection, select map
features/layers using simple mouse clicks on a toolbar etc.)
- Get coastline data for anywhere in the world
- Generate oil/gas/mineral exploration base maps in minutes.
  Plot geological maps, oil/gas fields, license data, well data,
seismic etc onto base maps generated by George
- Load the data into your GIS/Drawing/Graphics packages such as
Autocad, Microstation, ArcView, ArcInfo, MapInfo, XGEO, Landmark,
Corel Draw, Freehand and so on
- Use George to produce reference maps for reports, guides, brochures
- add George to your map library

Got a deadline to meet?
Need geographical information fast?
Can't find coastline data for Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan...
Don't want to wait or pay for digitising...
Don't want to outsource...
- Then use George!

We see George as an efficiency tool especially to aid the

George has been installed at numerous oil/gas and mineral exploration
companies as well as several engineering companies, libraries and


George is available at a single user license cost of :

300.00 plus 5.00 delivery and VAT
US$500.00 plus US$10.00 delivery

Pricing options available for network/ site / corporate licenses.
Educational/Academic pricing available

For further information, sample images and demo files see our web site