Base Maps

Base Maps

Post by Eric Moorma » Sat, 02 Dec 2000 11:18:31

Has anyone used GDT (Geographical Data Technologies) basemaps?  Were you satisfied with the maps you received?  My maps came and there were no streets labeled.  I had to click on each street with the identify cursor in Arcview.

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1. Why Grid based Maps are so popular in Mobile robots ?


My mobile robot has the following hardware configuration:

Controller: 80c535 mcu
Sensor:     1 sonar
Optical encoders on wheels

I want to implement path-planning in it.
However, since the memory and computing power is so limited, I cannot
implement the those big A* kind of algorithms.

I am trying to implement Line-segment based maps, as they will require
much less memory.
I want to know why Grid Based maps are so popular in mobile robots ?

I understand that most of the robots now have the capability to process
But suppose a human wants to go somwhere, most of the time, the
path-planning he does is Line-Segment based. (ie. go straight, take
second left turn and so on).

It is only in very known envioronments, that he will know what is
between two parallel paths (lines), thus will have a occupancy grid map
in his mind. (ie. between this corridor, and the next one, there are 2

I intend to make a Line segment based map.
The map will have Links and Nodes.
Each link, would also have a width parameter (width of the corridor).
Thus while my robot is on a link, it can avoid obstacles, shifting left
or right, till the width of the road.
With each link's information, the external reference points on that
pathway will also be stored so that robot can reduce the odometeric

Can anyone also tell me some papers on Path-Planning Algorithms, for
such line based maps, which would fit on my 8bit microcontroller's 32KB


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