Avenue: SetFromTables won't take > 1 attrib

Avenue: SetFromTables won't take > 1 attrib

Post by Jarkko Kuoppam?k » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 17:40:40


I'm trying to delete records from an SDE table by Avenue (ArcView 3.2)
with the following script:

      MyQuery = QueryDef.Make(SDEConnection)
      MyQuery.SetSelectColumns({"Shape", "Id", "Name"})
      MyRSet = MyQuery.OpenRecordSet
      if (not (MyRSet.CanUpdate)) then
        ErrorList.Add ("Couldn't update recordset.")
      if (MyRSet <> nil) then
        MyRSet.Delete("id = " + theId.asString)
        ErrorList.Add ("MyRSet = nil.")

This results in error "A(n) nil object does not recognize request
However, if I use SetFromTables with either one of the arguments alone,
the script works fine, in other words deletes the records from table1 or

table2 - I'd like to delete them from both of them, something like
"delete from table1, table2 where id = 12345" in SQL. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

please remove the 'removethis' section from my address if replying.


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