Inventory PSS (Planning Support Systems)

Inventory PSS (Planning Support Systems)

Post by Stan Geertma » Fri, 13 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Dear Colleagues,

My colleagues Graham Clarke and John Stillwell from University of Leeds,
England, and myself (Stan Geertman - NexpRI & Utrecht University, the
Netherlands) have started an Internet-based inventory on Planning
Support Systems (PSS). We consider PSS as a special kind of DSS,
dedicated to handling geo-information in an automated way, and currently
- mostly scarcely - used by planners in either the public or the private
sector. It is the aim of this inventory to gather and disseminate
information regarding these PSS and by that enlarges and improves their
use within planning practice (Further details on the project are
available at, where you should click on PSS).

The results of this inventory will be published on the Internet (a
database with URL's) and selectively in a book (an international
publisher already enthusiastically agreed to publish this volume).

Replies (= URL's (for inclusion in the Internet-database) and/or 1A4
summaries (for inclusion in the book)) are received preferably before
October 20th.

We would like to ask you in person to contribute to this inventory,
either by putting forward a proposal for an URL or an article or by
disseminating this inventory information to people who might be
interested in it.

We thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

Best wishes,

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