New ArcView User

New ArcView User

Post by Michael Simmons-Smit » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:55:10

I just got my copy of ArcView GIS for Windows this morning, and I bought it
specifically to be able to break out data from shapefiles to convert to .dwg
files with Arc2Cad.  However, I cannot seem to select all the data that I
need from a view - even though I select all the Themes I need, only one
seems to make it from the selection.  Really confused - any ideas?



1. is there any italian arcview 3.2 user ...

is there any italian arcview 3.2 user who uses the projection utility
and is able to convert in gauss-boaga coordinates the european esri-
data ??

ciao c' qualche utente italiano di arcview3.2 che usa la projection
utility ed capace di convertire in gauss boaga i dati esri relativi

ciao Angelo

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