Spatial Extender for DB2 - Export view to shapefile

Spatial Extender for DB2 - Export view to shapefile

Post by Chris Sco » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 07:35:40


Im having trouble exporting a db2 view to an esri shapefile. I enter
all the required fields however it seems as though the OK button does
nothing! (Did they forget to put some code behind it?)

Exporting from a table works fine.

DB2 7.1 (FP1) with Spatial extender 7.1 on Win2k SP1
Intel 512Mb PIII 700




1. Shapefiles /exporting polygons to other app


We continually face a difficult problem of exporting ArcView shapefiles
containing polygon data to graphics applications such as Freehand or
Illustrator. Ultimately we produce the maps with OCAD 7 where we have to put
the stuff in .AI format.

The polygons we are having problems with are multi-part, containing many
holes. There is possibly an upper limit to the number of nodes many
applications can handle, but we cannot take that into account by splitting,
since we use ready data. The files are also quite big. (The features
involved include fields, urban area, marshes, lakes etc.).

We have experimented with many programs with many solutions but without

Could anyone suggest a solution or point to an approach that could help
solve the problem. It would have to be fairly automatic, because of the
large amount of data involved.

Pellervo Kokkonen
Karttaikkuna Oy

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