GIS Book of the month - Getting to know ArcView GIS

GIS Book of the month - Getting to know ArcView GIS

Post by Spatial Graphic » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Spatial Graphics has just started promoting the "GIS book of the month".

Simply go to
to read a review of  this months featured title "Getting to know ArcView

If you know of a good GIS related book or maybe have authored one please
let me know and perhaps we can feature it.



1. Getting to Know ArcView GIS CD Problems

Does anybody know a fix for the faulty CD that is enclosed with the book by
"Getting to know ArcView GIS the geographic information system for
everyone".  It continually claims that there is an incorrect path in the
autoexec.bat file but it is correct !!!

Thanks for any help !!!!!!


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