2 questions: 1. Importing USGS DEM, 2. Converting .tfw file from LatLon to UTM

2 questions: 1. Importing USGS DEM, 2. Converting .tfw file from LatLon to UTM

Post by Rob Erskin » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 02:27:31

I have two questions.

The first is regarding the importing of USGS DEM files.  I have been using a
program that converts SDTS format to a .DEM file that can sometimes be
imported into ArcView.  A problem arises when the USGS quad name for the DEM
has a space in it.  When it does, ArcView does not import the .DEM to an
ArcView grid.  Instead I get an error:

"GRD ERROR - Syntax error at or near symboll ))"

Has anyone else that has encountered this problem found a solution (or are
you aware if ESRI has a fix for this bug)?

My second question regards georeferenced .TIF files.  I would like to
project these images from Lat Lon to UTM.  I believe this could be done
editing the .TFW file.  Is anyone aware of a script that will do this?

Rob Erskine


1. UTM to LatLon conversion in libraries?

I'm looking for a UTM to Lat-Lon conversion function.

I need it to convert a Digital Elevation Model given in UTM coordinates
to Geographic coordinates, so that it can be related with satellite

Anybody heard of an IDL function implemented somewhere that can help?

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