TRANSFORMing a Lambert Point to Lat/Long using MapObjects 2.0

TRANSFORMing a Lambert Point to Lat/Long using MapObjects 2.0

Post by JAC » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone successfully used MO 2 to TRANSFORM a Lambert
(Easting/Northing)point to a Geographic (Lat/Long)? The
attached code is how I am currently trying to achieve this.

If you are converting Lambert to Geographic coordinates
using other software and can be used with Visual Basic 6.0,
can you let me know where I can download or buy the

Email or post will be a great help...

----------------------------------- Code begins here
Option Explicit

'Coordinate Projections
Dim LLcs As New MapObjects2.GeoCoordSys        'Lat/Long
Dim LAMcs As New MapObjects2.ProjCoordSys       'Lambert

Private Sub DefineProjections()         'This called from

'Dim GeoLayer As New MapObjects2.MapLayer
'Set GeoLayer = Map1.Layers(0)

Debug.Print "LLcs: " & LLcs.ReturnDescription

'define Geographic projection
LLcs.Datum.Spheroid.Type = moSpheroid_Clarke1866
LLcs.Unit.Type = moUnit_Meter

Debug.Print "LLcs: " & LLcs.ReturnDescription

Debug.Print "LAMcs: " & LAMcs.ReturnDescription

'Define lambert projection
LAMcs.GeoCoordSys = LLcs
LAMcs.Projection.Type = moProjection_LambertConformalConic

LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_CentralMeridian, -85#
LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_OriginLatitude, 0
LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_StandardParallel1, 44.5
LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_StandardParallel2, 53.5
LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_FalseEasting, 930000
LAMcs.SetParameter moParm_FalseNorthing, 6430000
LAMcs.Unit.Type = moUnit_Meter

'Set GeoLayer.CoordinateSystem = LAMcs

Debug.Print "LAMcs: " & LAMcs.ReturnDescription
Debug.Print LAMcs.Projection.Name

End Sub

Private Sub Add_LTG()           'This called from

    Dim LLpt As New MapObjects2.Point
    Dim LamPt As New MapObjects2.Point

    Dim fntx As New StdFont     'Label font
    Dim LtgSign As String
    Dim textsym As New MapObjects2.TextSymbol

    fntx.Name = "Arial"
    fntx.Size = 9
    Set textsym.Font = fntx
    With textsym
     .Height = 0 'use font size (4 points in this case)
     .VerticalAlignment = moAlignBaseline
     .Color = moBlack
    End With

        LtgSign = "x"

    for Each record in LtgDBF           'This Pseudo-Code

        LamPt.X = Abs(rstDFS_Ltg.Fields.Item
        LamPt.Y = Abs(rstDFS_Ltg.Fields.Item

        Set LLpt = LLcs.Transform(LAMcs, LamPt)     'Create
Lat/Long point

        Map1.DrawText LtgSign, LLpt, textsym

    Get next record in ltgdbf           'This Pseudo-Code

end sub

---------------------------------------- Code ends here

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1. Lambert Conformal Easting/Northing to Geographic Lat/Long subroutines

Does anyone have or know where I can get subroutines that
convert Lambert Conformal Easting/Northings to Geographic
Lat/Long and can be used in a Visual Basic project?

MapOjects 2.0 is supposed to be able to do this but
apparently it can't.

Can you please E-mail me your info as my newsreader doesn't
seem to display all the responses to postings.

Thanks in advance...


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