Script Help!

Script Help!

Post by T. William » Tue, 05 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Hello Everybody,

Is there an Avenue script I can intergrate in the project that would ask
which *.tfw file I would like to use when opening the project?

I have 2 sets of Aerial photos, One set with NAD27
*.tfw's, and the other with NAD83 *.tfw's.

This way I only have to have ONE set of Aerials, and two sets of *.tfw

Thanks for your help

Tim Williams

GIS Specialist
City of Hagerstown
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Hey, this program looks great!

I'm trying to implement a resetabe timer event. Here's the situation: In my
office, I've got two motions sensors that broadcast on A1 and A3 (It's a
wacky shaped room). I've got a floor lamp on B1. I want the lamp to turn on
whenever either of the motion sensors fire, and turn off fifteen minutes
after the last turn-on event.

Something like the following pseudo-code:

upon A1_ON, set LampTimer=15 and B1_ON.
upon A3_ON, set LampTimer=15 and B1_ON.

Upon LampTimer expires, B1_OFF.

I can't quite figure out how to do this...


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