Finding available drives (using Microsoft C)

Finding available drives (using Microsoft C)

Post by Steve Wats » Fri, 07 Sep 1990 23:48:59

Further to the discussion on finding drives: I would like to know
how to determine whether a floppy drive has a diskette in it without
provoking the "Abort/Retry/Fail" message, which kind of messes up the screen
of the application.  MS-Windows seems able to do this: if you click on an
empty drive, you get a dialog box informing you of the situation.
So does PC-Tools.  I have read that the 'A/R/F' msg comes from BIOS.

Is there perhaps some vector that can be hooked to intercept the floppy
error and do something more graceful with it?

BTW, does anyone know why A/R/F doesn't always respond to
'a' or 'f' the first time?
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I would like to know how to determine which drives are available,
including network drives.

The getdisk() and setdisk() method doesn't seem to work in a network

Thank you for your help,
Jeepy (Jean-Pierre Delprat) (JPTUI home page)

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