DR-OpenDOS, DJGPP, multitasking

DR-OpenDOS, DJGPP, multitasking

Post by Gauti » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Since the subject is in the air:

Are there (attempts of) threading libraries for DJGPP which use
OpenDOS (now again DR-DOS) multitasking API ?

The official documentation is there:


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DR-OpenDOS, DJGPP, multitasking

Post by David Llo » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

>Since the subject is in the air:

>Are there (attempts of) threading libraries for DJGPP which use
>OpenDOS (now again DR-DOS) multitasking API ?

>The official documentation is there:
>  http://www.caldera.com/tech-ref/docs/dos/progdoc/multtask/index.htm

I was going to do this a while ago, but I use Lynx as my web browser and
the docs come out a big mess, so... :)

(*)  Dave Lloyd


1. DJGPP under DR-Opendos 7.02 running under Linux Dosemu

I am having a problem compiling C++ files with DJGPP under dosemu and
Opendos 7.02.  I can compile C programs just fine.  The strange thing is
everything was fine before I installed opendos.  I used to be able to
compile c++ programs just fine under win 95 on the same drive that
Dosemu uses.  I have everything set up according to the readme.1st I
believe.  The main thing is whenever I invoke gxx it says ld.exe can't
find crt0.o.  Here is my autoexec.bat

set djgpp=c:\djc\djgpp.env
rem EMM386 PIC=ON
rem PROMPT [OpenDOS] $P$G



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