is this a valid contact addr for JP Software?

is this a valid contact addr for JP Software?

Post by Jeff Haye » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 22:37:00

i just got a news posting echoed (?) back to me in a
funny way.  In the header was a line that had this address and it
looked like a good bet that there was a 4dos developer involved.

i need info on the latest 4dos versions.  I want to install it on
2 PC's at home so i might prefer a site license.  and i would like
to know more about dos5/6 tradeoffs and how to work with windows.

i need up to date pricing and an address to send a money order to.
i do not let myself use card on an unsecured mail channel.

thanks for any help

jeff hayes                (416) 452-3894         (esn) 333-3894

Northern Telecom, Public Switching Division, Product Technology
PO Box 3000,  8200 Dixie Road, Dept. S908, Bramalea, Ont, Can. L6V 2M6


1. is this a valid contact addr for JP Software?

You can reach 4DOS' publisher, JP Software, at these addresses and phone

JP Software
PO Box 1470
E. Arlington, MA  02174

Phone:  617-646-3975
Fax:    617-646-0904
Orders: 800-368-8777  (I don't know if this works from outside the USA)


CompuServe: GO JPSOFT or GO PCVENB, section 10

MCI Mail: 470-7811

Hope this helps.
Tom in Atlanta

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