Info req: Mathco

Info req: Mathco

Post by Mark _E_ Am » Wed, 25 Jul 1990 05:01:52

> I was reading the July 16, 1990 issue of PC Week and saw an ad that caught
> my eye.  Advanced Micro Devices is advertising an 80C287 math coprocessor
> for only $99.00.  I could not believe it.  Does anyone know anything about
> it (ie. speed) or even how reliable the company's products have been in the past.  The only thing that makes me skeptical is that the company adds, in very
> small print, that you are "limited to two lifetime replacements per
> person."  I know components do not fail very often but this does not
> exactly install confidence in them.

I tried to post this reply once but I don't think it took so here goes - hope
it's not a repeat...

I recently read an article in the EE Times about the AMD 80C287, and it went
into some detail about the fact that AMD has the genuine Intel microcode
through a contract they signed in 1976.  Intel is currently battling to prove
the 80287 code is not included, but in the meantime we have a $99 80C287
available that SHOULD be 100% compatible.  I have dealt with AMD in the past
and they seem very responsive to customers, so the purchase is not of shady
equipment from an obscure company, but a reputable chip maker.  Further, the
target market (says AMD) for this chip is the "rest of us" who cannot afford
Intel's scalping.  They intend to sell tons of these, so I would speculate that
much testing has been done to ensure it is correct.

I have had direct experience with AMD as an OEM, buying and using tons of
EPROMs and microcontrollers, so I can vouch for their validity and quality.
The only precaution I would take is buying from a reputable distributor, so as
return would be easier if there were something awry.  

Further, the speeds are supposed to range up to the fastest '286 AT bus...  I
have no definate on this so please ask the seller - or AMD.

BTW, this litigation between Intel and AMD would mean 386 microcode availablity
to AMD if they win... (486 is not included, tho).

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