Help: extended inline asm

Help: extended inline asm

Post by Gab » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Why doesn't this work?

         "shlw %cl,%eax"

         /* Output */

         : "=a" (*((word *)processPtr->osp - 1))

         /* Input */

         : "a" (*((word *)processPtr->osp - 1)),
           "c" (*((byte *)processPtr->osp))

         /* Clobbers */

         : "%eax"

It complains about:

virtual.cpp:944: invalid `asm': operand number missing after %-letter
virtual.cpp:944: invalid `asm': operand number missing after %-letter

When I change the output line to:

         : "=a" (tempWord)

it works fine.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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1. I need help to convert my old inline asm to djgpp inline asm.

I'am making my own 2d game kit and I need help to convert my inline asm
over.. here is the code I need to be convert over.

unsigned int Joystick(unsigned char stick)
// reads the joystick values manually by conting how long the capacitors
// to charge/discharge
// let's use the inline assembler.  It's Cool!

    cli                       ; disable interupts

    mov ah, byte ptr stick ; get mask into ah to selct joystick to read
    xor al,al              ; zero out al, xor is a trick
    xor cx,cx             ; same with cx which we will use as a counter
    mov dx,JOYPORT         ; dx is used by inp and outp
    out dx,al              ; write 0's to the port
    in al,dx               ; read the data back from port
    test al,ah             ; has the bit in question changed?
    loopne discharge       ; if the stick isn't ready then --cx and loop

    sti                    ; re-enable interrupts
    xor ax,ax              ; zero out ax
    sub ax,cx              ; ax now holds the position of the axis switch

    } // end asm

// since ax has the result the function will return it properly

i just been with djgpp for 3 days now.. Trying to convert my inline asm
codes over..

PS I'am not using allegro.. I'am making my own 2d game kit..


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