WANTED: Volunteer coordinator for Free-DOS

WANTED: Volunteer coordinator for Free-DOS

Post by James Ha » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 02:19:20

I am looking for someone to coordinate new volunteers in Free-DOS.
This would require making sure that people have copies of the coding
standards when they write in asking to help.  I _love_ to get mail
asking to help... but I really don't have too much time to reply to
every bit of mail I get.  It's getting too automated, cold, and

I need someone who can liven it up a little.


--Jim Hall


1. WANTED: Free-DOS release coordinator

I am looking for someone who can take over the Free-DOS releases.  I
am running out of time for doing that.  I have a lot going on now.

Basically, this job requires keeping in touch with M. Hannibal Toal
(DOC project leader) and Tim Norman (COMMAND leader) and coordinating
releases.  That is, updating all the ZIP files and prepping for ftp

This job does not mean you will be debugging.  It just means that you
get everyone ready to release at the same time.  You would get current
versions of the kernel, shell, and other Free-DOS programs and
initiate a release.

You do not need to be a programmer to do this.


--Jim Hall

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