Searching directory (NOT: file) patterns with XCOPY ????

Searching directory (NOT: file) patterns with XCOPY ????

Post by Tom Mill » Tue, 19 Aug 2003 15:54:45

Ok, if I want to copy all files in the directory tree containing *.log in the filename
I could write something like

XCOPY D:\*.log ...... D:\targetdir

But how do I specify if I want to copy all DIRECTORIES which contain the pattern "log"
to the targetdir ?

XCOPY D:\*log*\*.* ..... D:\targetdir

doesn't work. At least it would help if I could specify that only the LAST part of the path
is "log". In other words that log does not appear inside the path. Thus files in dirs like
D:\project1\part1\log\myfile.txt          should be copied at least
D:\project2\logs\part2\myfile2.txt        should be copy too only if possible

Is this possible with XCOPY or a "tricky" workaround ?



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I would like a macro to product a list of the files in the current
directory that match a specified pattern.  For example, I want a list
of the files that match the pattern (*.cpp *.c *.h).  I thought I could
use %Expand[*.cpp *.c *.h], but it just returns the string "*.cpp *.c
*.h", not the actual filenames (without path, of course).  Can this be
done simply?

If not, I would settle for a macro that would return "*.cpp *.h" if
there were .cpp and .h files in my directory but no .c files.  In fact,
that might be better, but either way is good.  But it really needs to
be a simple macro that can be used as part of an alias, not via a batch
file if possible.

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