Help compiler problem

Help compiler problem

Post by Vadim A. Moiseye » Wed, 09 Jun 1993 21:03:48


Can somebody out there explain how to use help compiler
from Borland C++ 3.1 - does it really work and I'm just missing something?
When I tried to add to my application a facility to supply context
help from a dialog box ('Help' button) I got the following:

    When destroying THelpWindow after a user closes it the application
    terminates with assertion failed in file new.cpp (TV file).
    De* tells that it happens when THelpContext objects get
    destroyed and heapcheck() in new.cpp says the heap is in wrong state.

I'm not sure it's done by my code 'cause all I do is :
   it = new THelpWindow(...
   destroy(it) ...

Perhaps someone have already run into this problem. Any advice will
be greatly appreciated. BTW, help compiler built from Borland's sources
does not work it all - it terminates with that same assertion failed in
new.cpp [Ha-ha!]. It can't even cope with Borland's help file example.

Thanks in advance.

   Vadim Moiseyev.


Help compiler problem

Post by Jan Peter de Ruit » Thu, 10 Jun 1993 17:29:00

There is a borland patch for this problem, or at least a patch
that solves that problem. Get this (and other) patches from



1. Help compiler problem

With reference to a previous posting relating to the help compiler.

The problem seems to be exclusive to version 3.1, since the code I compiled
using 3.0 works fine. Everything compiles ok, but when executing the code
the assert error turns up every time you bring up a cross reference, or
shut down the help window.
You get exactly the same problem if you compile the tvhc project and use it
to compile help files. The error is on line 167 of new.cpp, according to the
information supplied when the executable crashes.

Anyone have any ideas?


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