"A to Z of C" Project release page

"A to Z of C" Project release page

Post by R. Rajesh Jeba Anbi » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 22:17:11

"A to Z of C" is project to bring a cheap and good book on C/DOS
programming. More info about the project is available at the project
page http://guideme.itgo.com/atozofc/

   Experts and enthusiasts may contribute to this project!



1. Why the value of "c" is always "-17.78"??

Can anyone tells me why the value of "c" is always -17.78??
Thank a lot!!

#include <stdio.h>
float ftc(n)
int n;
float c, f; int i;
 for (i=0;i<=n;i++){
return c;
main ()
float c, f=0; int i=0;
printf("\t\t F=%.2f \t\t C=%.2f\n",f,c);

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