Valid Command Line!

Valid Command Line!

Post by Greg Fod » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I recently wrote a simple program that searches a file for a string and replaces that string with another, as specified by command line parameters. The purpose of my program is to convert all my file:/// urls in my web pages to http:// urls before I upload them to the web server. My problem is when I try to pass an argument such as "file://C|" (with or without quotes, I've tried both ways), it doesn't work, because of the pipe. How can I pass a special character such as a > or a < or a | to a program in th
e form of a string? For now, I'm going to make the program read the parameters from a file, but I've very curious on how to do this, I can't find info on it anywhere..thanks


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Hello fellow DJGPPers,

I would like to ask for some advice. How do you read the command-line
parameters given to a program at runtime, and copy them to strings?
Basically, I want to get the 2nd and 4th (given that the 1st is the
full pathname to the program) parameters into strings <2nd> and <4th>.
I realise that this is bloody simple, but I just seem to be bloody
stupid. Anyone out there who can give me a helping hand, plz? TIA.

                                                Piotr Sieklucki

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