Never risk losing any more hair

Never risk losing any more hair

Post by Gilbert Wrig » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 22:04:10

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<title>Why resort to snake oils and potions to keep your hair, when there =
is a</title>
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<div class=3DSection1><pre><tt>Why resort to snake oils and potions to kee=
p your hair, when there is a<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>scientific and =
inexpensive way to do it? <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>Propecia is the m=
ost successful drug EVER to slow or grow back hair. In <o:p></o:p></tt></p=
re><pre><tt>two<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>years of clinical testing wi=
th Propecia on men aged 18-41 with mild to<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>m=
oderate loss, 83% of the men kept the amount of hair they had (vs 28% <o:p=

Quote:></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>of<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>men on a sugar=

 pill); 66% of men regrew some hair (vs 7% on a sugar <o:p></o:p></tt></pr=
e><pre><tt>pill);<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>and 80% were rated improve=
d by their doctors (vs 47% on a sugar pill). <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><t=
t>The<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>problem is that Propecia typically cos=
ts users about US$100 or more per<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>month. <o:=
p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>But we have a solution that won't hurt financi=
ally. We don't sell <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>Propecia,<o:p></o:p></t=
t></pre><pre><tt>but we sell something with the same active ingredient: 1 =
mg <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>finasteride. So<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pr=
e><tt>if Propecia works for you, our version should work, too. The nice <o=
:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>change is<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>that =
we charge just US$39.95 per month, including all shipping and <o:p></o:p><=
/tt></pre><pre><tt>handling.<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>And we'll autom=
atically ship out a fresh dosage every month, so you <o:p></o:p></tt></pre=
Quote:><pre><tt>will<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>never be stuck without the do=

sages you need. With us, you get a true <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>mon=
th's<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>worth of 30 pills vs 28 with Propecia. =
You can cancel at any time and <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>if not<o:p><=
/o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>entirely happy, get your monthly fee back. <o:p><=
/o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>Our version is only available for personal use fo=
r men only. Want to <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>pose a<o:p></o:p></tt><=
/pre><pre><tt>question or make an order? Click


-------------------------------<o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>This mail wa=
s sent to a Join Up roster only. If you feel you received <o:p></o:p></tt>=
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click on the


ch.php?id=3Dfacobtx</a> <o:p></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt>to<o:p></o:p></tt><=
/pre><pre><tt>be promptly and courteously omitted from future notices.<o:p=
Quote:></o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt><![if !supportEmptyParas]>&nbsp;<![endif]><o:p>=

</o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt><![if !supportEmptyParas]>&nbsp;<![endif]><o:p><=
/o:p></tt></pre><pre><tt><![if !supportEmptyParas]>&nbsp;<![endif]><o:p></=

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1. Lost Clusters + Dblspace = Data Lost Forever?

From my experience, that's not a good idea. If you used Custom Setup, that's
where your problem lies. There's a bug in all Custom Setups in all version of
DOS with DoubleSpace. I've not been able to get a Custom Setup'ed drive to operate
correctly on any system.

Hmph. Always use SCANDISK since CHKDSK can do some weird things on a compressed
drive. SCANDISK will repair errors in the compression structure and the like

You might be able to get it to mount. maybe. Have you tried pressing F5 on startup
and running SCANDISK C:\DBLSPACE.001? That MIGHT get it to mount. Maybe.

It's always worth a shot.

Why use DriveSpace at all? Why not use Stacker? Why compress at all? IMHO, the
best solution is to upgrade to a larger hard drive. Drive compression is more of
a stopgap measure than a permanent fix.

Not really. It refers to files that are too big to move or hidden/system. Of course,
a jump from 6 or 7 to 60 or 70 could be a problem.

Well, I installed DOS 6.2 Doublespace on my system using Custom Setup. I had Windows
crash on me once with a Memory Allocation Error (in DOS). As soon as I rebooted,
everything was fine. So I ran SCANDISK. Apparently, DBLSPACE.001 had gotten crosslinked
with IO.SYS (not only destroying my data, but rendering my hard drive unbootable)
and a subsequent scan on DBLSPACE.001 revealed a completely destroyed CVF (compressed
volume file). Attempts to use SCANDISK to recover came up empty, and I had to boot
of my DOS disk. Obviously, I ended up reformatting my hard drive.

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