....................BIOS Problems ? HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

....................BIOS Problems ? HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

Post by Seetamra » Sat, 15 Aug 1992 01:43:06

I sent my notebook computer for repairs, and due to unexplainable reasons, the
service center replaced the whole unit (coimputer) except for the hard disk, which
was transfered from the old computer.  I used to run DOS 5.0 with absolutely no

To give you an idea : I used to task switch between kermit, GeoWorks,
VI editor, Norton commander, and for some time(while I was evaluating it) 4DOS.
Once in a while the wolfenstien game was also a task.  I had no problems what so ever
with the old unit.

Now, the new unit, DOES TASK SWITCH, but the video mode remains in GRAPHICS MODE
AFTER THE SWITCH (i.e, after I press alt-tab to move from one task to another).

Whether or not the properties menu option (is set to text or not) is set, the
task switch causes a a blank GRAPHICS mode screen.

For example if I switched form KERMIT to another copy of command.com (a task),
then I see a blank screen in video mode.  But whatever I type, the computer takes
action.  So I typed mode 80, and LO, BEHOLD, the text screen is back !!!

So, now, I have to do the `mode 80' command in every task, after each switch.


Now, I have spent nearly 40 dollars calling everyone in magnavox and phillips
service centers, and they cant figure out what is going on.  In fact, none
of the technicians are adept at software, and dont know what task swithcing itself

But I managed to get my problems across to one of the more intelligent guys(named
charlie), who sent me a LATEST VERSION of the BIOS card. (after I told him the
BIOS could be the problem).   NOPE, it didnt help.  The problem persists.

What flummoxes me is that everything was fine in the old unit.  There is a distinct
possibility that the old unit had a very OLD BIOS.  But our investigations over the
phone, seem to rule it out.

Before I travel 245 miles from Detroit to Columbus (th enearest service station)
where charlie works (and that place is my only hope, other than these usenet
groups) and where hopefully, the supervisors can do something non-technical like
give me a new unit with new comptible s/w (But I might have to pay some money),

and before I spend 4 + 4 hrs travelling, by car, I hope that someone here can
help me out.  That's why I am posting to these many groups.


Anyone had any problems like this before ?

************************* P.S. Its not a corrupt s/w problem.  I booted my
notebook using DOS5.0 available on a floppy.  Nothing changes. same problems...
Anyway, corrupted s/w wont cause such `CORRECTABLE' PROBLEMS.

Seetamraju Udaya Bhaskar Sarma



I tried to reformat and copy files from one hard drive to another hard
drive using MAX BLAST.
When I got done, dos would no longer recognize my original drive with
the error mesage "no operating system". I tried using FDISK and got
the message that there is a non dos partition on the drive and when I
tried to install a logical partition it said there was no free space
to do so.
The files I have on that drive are NOT REPLACEABLE so I am in a panic
mode.  I am afraid that if I use the FDISK command "Remove non dos
partician" I will also delete all of the files on the drive.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you
Gordon Balbach

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