Post by Leendert Comb » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

   Someone recently made some enquiries about f2c (95201, to be precise).
   As pointed out by others, this version has only been compiled for
   djgpp1.11m4, not v2.0 yet. I gave it a try - the libf77 and libi77
   subdirectory files compiled out of the box (these are support routines
   that are called by the c output from f2c), but creating f2c.exe did not
   succeed yet:

    - lex.c uses lots of constants (starting with capital S) that are
      nowhere defined!
    - all other routines generate loads of warnings. For the moment I may
      assume I can ignore these?
    - the function next_tab() (for example) is defined in niceprintf.h and
      used in many source files, but niceprintf is never included somewhere.
      This looks like a bug?

    Since I haven't got 1.11m4 installed anymore I can't test why it would
    compile fine there? Anyone with experience on compiling f2c maybe has
    suggestions on the include file for lex.c, all the warnings, and

    Thanks, Leendert Combee


1. Bison & making f2c with v2.01 ??


I have a total (bison-)ignorants problem compiling f2c under v2.01:

In line 38 of the makefile which comes with the f2c95201 version
in directory CONTRIB/F2C95201/SRC/SRC/MAKEFILE (distrib. with v1.xx
and I'm not aware of more recent ones) invokes bison with

$(YACC) $(YFLAGS) gram

in v1.xx or v2.00 this line produced 4 harmless (?) shift/reduce conflict
*warnings*, however, with a nicely working f2c.exe in your bin-directory
at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, using v2.01 (instead of v1.xx or v2.00) bison
jumps at me in this very line, now claiming the former warnings
are suddenly 'type clash *errors*' and stops the make.

(I have tried this '%expect N' declaration with no effect.)

Any help on this is most appreciated.

Is there any more recent src and makefile distribution which compiles
f2c with v2.01?


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