EGA 43/VGA 50 line modes

EGA 43/VGA 50 line modes

Post by Jordan Melvil » Fri, 27 Jul 1990 15:46:08

Could someone please help with these modes? I have tried to access them, but no
book that I have even mentions them. Interesting that an EGA mode that has been
there from the beginning is so hard to find inforamtion about.


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1. Interrupt Handler of BIOS for EGA/VGA 43/50 line modes?

        I have a program that I'm working on in TurboPascal 6.0 that Detects
the graphic card to determine wiether or not the user can use 43/50 line mode
in text. At this point if the card is capable it uses TP's TextMode(Co80+
Font8x8); to set the text mode. The problem I have is that the Program also
uses a mouse! The program works fine if the Card in the machine is lower that
EGA and if the mode con: at Dos is set correctly. If the TextMode is in
80x25 mode and the program is called, and the Program determines that 43 line
mode is available the mouse only works on the first 25 lines.
        I think the problem is that Pascal with the DirectVideo := True,
bypasses BIOS and controls the screen AutoMaticly... Is there a way to inform
the Bios or Mouse Driver that we are in 80x43 or 80x50 without issuing a
Mode Con: lines=43? If it is a INTerrupt, please tell me a few numbers so that
I can look it up.

ANY help would be Appreciated!
BTW: I'd like to keep the DirectVideo to allow for FastUpdates!


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